Crystal Crawl

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Crystal Crawl is a dungeon crawler, action game. The project was overseen by Microsoft, who also acted as client and publisher for the title. The game is designed for ”Surface 2”, but works just as well on pc.


In Crystal Crawl you play as a lonely wizard on its quest to build the tallest wizard tower. To make your tower grow you must gather crystals from dangerous dungeons where you fight off monsters to find your way to the end portal. This is a fast pased action game where you can choose your difficulty, all from casual to hardcore.

Crystal Crawl is a third person game designed for tablets. You move around using your left thumb and throw spells using your right hand. You can choose wich spell to use by swiping, tapping or holding your finger on the tablet.

The game was a seven week long student project, developed by a team of four artists and three designers.


During the production of Crystal Crawl I covered multiple roles, but had the main role of lead environment artist. I made sure that everything was modular and tiling. This allowed us to reuse the assets a lot when building environments without visible repetition. I modelled most of the environment assets in the game, but also handled the import of all environment models from other artist. This involved making sure that every model was set up correctly before handing it to the level designer. I also modelled some of the characters and props.


My job:

-Environment art


-Character modelling

-Placing art in levels



The awesome team.

Artists: Ivan Nestorov, Adrian Drott, Dragos Burlacu and Julia Dahllöf-Hinders

Designers: Erik Johansson, Vendela Carlberg Larsson and Tomas Ulfström